Saturday, December 13, 2008

Also this fall I did a monster serious of shirts for Freedom Surf Shop and I really enjoy working with them. They give me full freedom so it's just nice to crank out some different and fun stuff. My favorite is the monster shaka on the back! I will probably be doing some more shirts soon too. Feedback is always welcomed!

Here is some of the free lance work I have been doing... This is an ad for a series of skateboards that I did for 17th st. surf shop. It's pretty simple design work but they are pretty conservative. You can see the other designs I did and buy my boards online too Hopefully there will be more decks to come soon!

So this is my first sketch book finished all the way through of mostly stuff from life. Also I am working on drawing with just pen no pencil down first, so hopefully you can see some progress in my work this semester. Feedback would be awesome!
Just finally convinced my self to get a blog so expect a huge sketch book dump soon!